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Deployed Airbag Injuries

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After an airbag deploys in a car or truck accident, drivers and passengers can still suffer various types of injuries, despite the airbag’s intended purpose of providing protection. There are many types of injuries but some of the most common may include:

  1. Facial Injuries: Airbags deploy at high speeds and can strike the face with considerable force, causing bruises, lacerations, burns, and even fractures to the facial bones. These injuries can be particularly severe if the airbag fails to deploy correctly or if the person’s face is too close to the airbag upon deployment. Facial injuries may leave scarring and scar are considered permanent injuries.
  2. Eye Injuries: The forceful impact of the airbag deployment can also lead to eye injuries, such as corneal abrasions, retinal detachment, or even blunt trauma to the eye itself. These injuries may result in temporary or permanent vision impairment.
  3. Neck and Spinal Injuries: The sudden inflation of the airbag can jolt the head and neck backward, potentially causing whiplash injuries or spinal cord trauma. This can result in strains, sprains, or even fractures to the cervical spine.
  4. Chest Injuries: While airbags are designed to cushion the impact and prevent chest injuries, they can still cause chest bruises, contusions, or even fractures, especially if the person is not properly restrained by a seat belt.
  5. Arm and Hand Injuries: The force of the airbag deployment can also lead to injuries to the arms and hands, such as fractures, sprains, or lacerations, particularly if the person has their hands on the steering wheel at the time of deployment.
  6. Hearing Loss: The loud noise generated by the airbag deployment can potentially cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, especially if the person is in close proximity to the airbag.
  7. Psychological Injuries: In addition to physical injuries, the sudden and traumatic nature of an airbag deployment can also lead to psychological injuries, such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or depression.

It’s important for individuals involved in accidents where airbags deploy to seek medical attention promptly, even if they feel fine initially. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent and could worsen over time if left untreated. Additionally, documenting these injuries through medical records is crucial for insurance claims and potential legal proceedings.

After an airbag deploys in a motor vehicle, operators and owners aren’t legally obligated to replace them. However, if replacement becomes necessary, it should be carried out by authorized airbag dealers, insurance companies, or the vehicle’s manufacturer. In Miami-Dade and Broward County, motorists are encouraged to reach out to the Perazzo Law Firm if their airbag deploys without cause.

If you’ve been injured, it’s crucial to contact your insurance provider and the Perazzo Law Firm online. Airbag incidents can result in fractures, breaks, burns, and cuts, potentially leading to permanent scarring on the face or neck. Facial scars can be particularly traumatic and have a profound negative impact on the quality of life for airbag accident victims.

Beyond scarring, airbag deployment injuries can also affect the victim’s eyes, potentially causing temporary or permanent vision loss. Surgical procedures to repair vision damage can be both costly and risky. Airbags have the potential to cause a range of injuries due to manufacturer or third-party negligence in airbag accidents.

Taking immediate action is crucial if you or a passenger experiences personal injury due to a faulty airbag. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Seek Medical Attention: Prioritize getting the necessary medical treatment if there are injuries that require immediate assistance.
  2. Document the Scene: Whenever possible, take photographs of the deployed airbag and gather eyewitness accounts, especially if the accident involves other vehicles or pedestrians.
  3. Report the Accident: Notify the appropriate authorities about the accident. Reporting accidents is a recommended practice to ensure proper documentation.
  4. Contact the Manufacturer: If the airbag self-deploys or malfunctions, get in touch with the vehicle dealer or the manufacturer’s customer service department. Avoid having the airbag repaired or replaced by anyone until you’ve spoken with your insurance provider or one of our professional personal injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm online.

By following these steps, you can address the situation effectively and protect your rights in case of personal injury due to a defective airbag.

Legal Support for Faulty Airbag Claims

If you, a family member, loved one, or a passenger of rideshare services like Uber or Lyft has experienced personal injury due to an unjustifiable airbag deployment, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to take the following steps:
Contact Us: Reach out to our Miami or North Miami office online to consult with one of our expert personal injury attorneys regarding your faulty airbag claim in Miami-Dade or Broward County.
FREE Initial Consultations: We offer free initial consultations, and there are no out-of-pocket fees for personal injury clients seeking compensation or filing insurance claims for injuries, damages, or losses resulting from airbag-related incidents and accidents.

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